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 Webyog SQLyog 
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Webyog SQLyog Ultimate v12.4.3
iND Release

Webyog SQLyog
SQLyog provides you with powerful means to manage your MySQL databases.

* Runs on all Windows version from WinXP/2003 and higher as well as "Windows
Server" systems of same generations (Windows Server 2003 and higher).
* Works with MySQL servers from 4.1 and higher and all MariaDB servers.
* Create/Drop/Alter Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers and
* HTTP and SSH Tunneling - smartly manage your MySQL server even if the MySQL
port is blocked or remote access to MySQL is disallowed!
* Protect your data with SSL encryption.
* Smart AutoComplete.
* Formats SQL statements.
* Proactive Query Profiler.
* Favorite Manager to neatly organize your favorite SQL statements.
* Very fast retrieval of data.
* Advanced GUI Query Builder. Supports JOINs, aggregate as well as 'common'
functions, sorting (ORDER BY) and filtering (WHERE and HAVING) and ALIAS.
* SQLyog Import External Data wizard - use the GUI or specify a query.
* Schema and Data synchronization tools.
* Powerful compressed Scheduled Backup with email notification.
* Schedule various jobs.
* SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool - execute unattended queries for database
maintenance of data verification with flexible email option.
* Full support for Virtual Columns of both Oracle/MySQL and MariaDB
* GUI transactions support
* Transparent LDAP/PAM support for connection to both Oracle/MySQL and MariaDB.
No settings are required
* Update result returned from query - also supports queries with JOINs. No
dialogues - just edit!
* Manage foreign key relationships.
* Fully InnoDB compliant.
* Supports MySQL pluggable storage engines architecture.
* Multi-threaded query execution with option to allow multiple query execution
* View your results in GRID/TEXT mode.
* Filter data and resultsets directly form the context menu of a displayed
* Execute (very large) SQL-scripts as batch files.
* Execute multiple queries returning more than 1000s of rows per resultset.
Its very efficient in memory.
* Very compact binary.
* Written entirely in C/C++/Win32 APIs using native MySQL C APIs. No wrapper
classes used.
* Connection manager.
* Tabbed interface to create/alter tables.
* View and edit advanced table-properties, such as Comment, Key_Length etc.
* Do table-diagnostics (check, optimize, repair, analyze)
* Duplicate tables to new table-names.
* Excel like grid interface to edit data with support for Enum/Set.
* Create/Drop databases.
* Manage indexes.
* Comprehensive user/security manager. Control every available privilege on
what level you like (server/database/table/column).
* Reorder columns of table.
* Copy database between two MySQL hosts.
* Drop all tables of a database with a single click.
* Edit BLOBs in TEXT or GRAPICHS mode. All common (non-proprioritary) graphics
format (including 'high-resolution' TIFFs and PNGs) supported.
* Export table-structure and data into SQL-dumps.
* Direct export to Microsoft Excel.
* Export/import data in/from CSV files.
* Export database schema in HTML.
* Log all queries for a session.
* Syntax-highlighting.
* Save resultset in CSV, HTML and XML.
* Copy your result as CSV to clipboard.
* Is very keyboard friendly. You can work with 99% features of SQLyog with
* View and kill other user-processes.
* Flush Host/Logs/Privileges/Tables.
* Quick access to processlist, status, variables etc.
* and a lot more...

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